Headline Grabs

  • Using Big Data to Uncover Opportunities in a Fragmented Marketplace – Videonomics Orlando Summit 2014

    Cathy Hetzel will lead an interactive session to discuss how “Big Data” is being used to develop census based demographics to tie “audiences” together on every platform. She will set the stage with an overview of how Rentrak is using set top box data merged with other big databases to identify audiences on every platform… More
  • Fireside Chat: Bringing Online Targeting To Television – Videonomics Orlando Summit 2014

    Dave Morgan is no stranger to targeting at scale. As the founder of TACODA, an online behavioral targeting company that was acquired by AOL and Real Media, one of the world’s first ad serving and online ad network companies Dave had many times over pioneered a new breed of targeting tools. As CEO and founder… More
  • The New Video Toolbox: Making TV Advertising Even More Powerful – Videonomics Orlando Summit 2014

    Armed with new media channels, data, and technology Kris Magel will share how marketers will not only survive but thrive in the modern Videonomic landscape. As a lifelong TV buyer, Kris is no stranger to the power of video advertising or today’s challenges: TV usage falling while prices climb, the rise of DVR viewing, cross… More
  • Videonomics Orlando 2014 Summit Opener Video

    Thanks to our friends over at VeracityColab for this amazing opening Video! You can find them at
  • Roundtable at the Summit: How Do You Maximize Video Measurement?

    What do brands clients want to see in video measurement to make them comfortable that video is truly driving their business? More to the point, what do marketers need, and how do we reconcile video measurement across channels? The most common answer that surfaced during the Group B discussion was that “it depends.” Debate went… More
  • Enabling the Video Marketplaces: A Model For Measurement

    Measurement across the video landscape is a mess. There’s general confusion about which metrics to use, and that issue is further complicated when buyers try to cross the lines between TV and online. As new technology moves video content outside the living room and onto a plethora of devices, these transactions will only get more… More
  • Layering on Engagement and Viewability

    No sooner had the crowd at the Videonomics Summit finished a spirited discussion on measurement than their sites immediately turned to the added complexities of the video ecosystem, with layers and layers of data available for marketers, publishers and agencies. “Is there a necessity for a qualitative metric?” asked Kris Magel, CIO of Initiative “If… More
  • Fragmentation: Video’s Blessing and Curse

    Consumers spend lots of time watching TV. That’s not debatable, and advertisers know it. But the number of channels available means that it’s much harder to reach a big audience. Factor that in with the difficult in reaching lighter TV viewers who spend less time in front of the tube, and marketers have quiet the… More
  • 10,000 Pound Gorillas, Size Matters and Other BIG Headlines

    Last week, Nielsen and Simulmedia released a paper entitled, “The Data Driven Future of Video Advertising.” It’s an insightful perspective culled through a series of conversations with a core group of researchers, marketers and C-suite executives from all sides of the media industry (several of whom will be participating at the Videonomics Summit in Orlando… More
  • Why the Olympics and Celebrity Selfies Matter to Samsung

    Coming Soon: Tweets, Vines Set to Play on U.S. Movie Screens This Summer This is a terrific idea. If I were a brand I would be rushing to make a Vine deal with NCM. Digital Place-based media is a barely tapped world for video and the ability to add true interactivity to theaters opens a… More