vid•e•o•nom•ics | noun

The event that addresses the business and economic models that drive the creation, production, distribution and consumption of video content.

The old rules of video distribution, consumption and ownership are being challenged and re-designed. Technology has rapidly disrupted traditional advertising and marketing. The abruptness of change in the media world brings opportunity, but at the same time can be extremely confounding and chaotic.

To help marketers gain clarity in their video marketing strategy, Videonomics™ presents the Summits, Roundtables, and Website.

Videonomics Summits
Spend two and a half days at stunning resorts with top brand and agency executives as we collaborate to create a new video marketplace.  A marketplace where advertisers cut across platforms to reach consumers wherever they are, where buying digital with TV multiplies both’s ad effectiveness, and where common denominators of measurement are established and agreed upon.  Through exclusive research, sponsor created experiences, town hall forums, head-to-head debates, and natural networking, TV and Digital industries will come together like never before.

Videonomics Roundtables
Joining forces on common industry issues, senior brand and agency executives will gather in the top four media markets for ideation and actionable discussions. These intimate, half-day events will act as a platform for marketers to tackle videonomic challenges year round.  Executive level presentations and peer-to-peer discussions will help marketers gain clarity on the abrupt changes and opportunities in the video-centric media environment. Presentations will include insightful data, analytics, research and case studies followed by open discussions amongst the invited guests and presenters.
Our mission is to empower and inspire brands as they navigate the world of Videonomics. Here you will find: insight into trends, case studies, research, contributions from brands, content creators, media companies, and businesses challenging the video norms.

The Team

Mike Cooke, Chairman & CEO, Videonomics
Mike Cooke
Chairman & CEO
Nicole Healy, Event Director
Nicole Healy
Conference Director
(949) 939-4682
Joshua Messinger, President
Josh Messinger
(310) 579-2484
Rick Parkhill, Founder
Rick Parkhill
Senior Advisor
Chelsea Walker, Vice President, Sales
Chelsea Walker
Vice President, Sales
(949) 697-9050
Jeremy Walker, Brand Coordinator
Jeremy Walker
Brand Relations
(949) 230-9282