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Videonomics Announces Expanded 2015 Event Slate

by Josh, from 2 weeks ago

Adapt! and Mobilenomics Created to Meet Essential Needs of Marketers Industry Veteran Rick Parkhill Joins Team as New CEO DANA POINT, CA—OCTOBER 22, 2014—Videonomics, the highly regarded event producer serving executive-level marketers and their agencies, today announced an expanded 2015 calendar with the addition of two important new events to meet the most urgent needs of marketers. Complementing the successful Videonomics Summit and Roundtable series, the company will present Mobilenomics, a newly launched event to help marketers understand the increasingly important role of mobile in the media mix, and Adapt!, to confront the most dynamic shifts in the marketing tool belt, including automation, analytics, content marketing, and social media. “Three years ago, we introduced the Videonomics events to help bring TV and digital together to...

News Flash! Omnicom Chief Says Move TV Budgets Online!

by Rick, from 4 weeks ago

Daryl Simm, Chief Executive Officer of Omnicom Group's media operations, told the Wall Street Journal, "We are counseling our clients to move between 10% to 25% of TV dollars to online video, depending on the target audience." Whoa! Really? Why in the world would this Omnicom Exec, whose media group controls over $54 Billion in global ad spend, want to shift dollars from the most powerful and trusted medium of all time to the wild world of online video? What about that pesky ad fraud problem the industry is grappling with? TV may be suffering some rating declines amongst the sought-after 18-49 demo, but geez, at least TV doesn't have to deal with criminal bot activity that artificially impacts viewership. I wonder if Mr. Simm and his teams have considered the Adtricity Data Report...

Innovation at Advertising Week. What’s the Debate?

by Rick, from 1 month ago

As Advertising Week returns for its' 11th year this week in New York City, the trades are alive with news about the so-called "Great Debate" that is digital vs. traditional. The WSJ headline this morning reads; "Digital Media to take Center Stage at Advertising Week." And the NY Times media column this morning, Stuart Elliott writes; "A debate that is likely to generate heat, if not light, is whether rapid, large increases in digital ad spending by marketers, prompted by shifts in how viewers watch video, mean a concomitant decline in spending for commercial time on traditional television.” And, from Mike Sheilds' Wall St. Journal blog, comes the headline; "

Free Beer Tomorrow!

by Rick, from 1 month ago

You've seen the sign in beer bars everywhere, right? Some people even fall for it, coming back the next day thinking beers on the house only to be told, "read the sign. It's tomorrow." The same thing has applied around mobile media and marketing for several years. How many pundits have we heard pronounce the arrival of mobile media and that marketers better start thinking about reaching the many millions of bulls-eye consumers on their beloved smart phones? The year comes and goes and the same mobile proponents are hoisting the same "MOBILE NOW!" sign. Yea, and free beer too, right? In just three days last week, Apple sold 10 million of the new iPhone 6, shattering all previous launches. It seems that Steve Jobs was wrong about why people would want the iPhone. In 2010, he said, "nobody would want to buy a phone with a big screen." How quickly the world changes! Sure, the iPhone 6 has a...

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