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ADAPTING to Today’s Media Environment: An Interview with Target’s Agent of Change

by Rick, from 6 days ago

How the World’s 5th Largest Retailer is Embracing Change By Rick Parkhill, CEO, Videonomics Kristi Argyilan is no stranger to change. Although she spent the last 20 years on the agency side, it has been a career focused on the dynamic and dramatic changes in the media environment. Most recently, she served as North American President of Magna Global, the digital buying arm of IPG Mediabrands, where she led the shop’s aggressive push to programmatic and automated buying. On her Linkedin profile, she even describes herself as a “leader in the new world order of marketing channel strategy and marketing communication.” At the recent...

How VIZIO is Harnessing the Power of Social Media

by Rick, from 2 weeks ago

Smart TVs and Smarter Marketing Lily Knowles VP of Product Marketing at VIZIO VIZIO burst onto the consumer electronics scene in 2007 when it quickly climbed the ranks of TV OEMs to become the biggest seller of Smart TVs. How in the world did that happen and how are they continuing to compete today amongst a group of mega-competitors that have been building TVs for decades? VIZIO was only founded in 2002 with $600K of capital and a handful of employees. Today, it’s a multi-billion dollar consumer electronics giant that is big on smarts and not afraid of being bold. It’s a remarkable story that, believe it or not, begins with a plane crash. That’s right, founder William Wang...

Videonomics Santa Barbara Summit Coverage

by Rick, from 2 weeks ago

Summit Coverage Bacara Resort & Spa, Santa Barbara, CA | Oct 12-14

Programmatic: Tactic or Strategy?

by Rick, from 2 weeks ago

Don’t Confuse Tactics with Strategy Jen Brady Founder and CEO at FRED & Associates Jen Brady founded Chicago-based digital shop FRED & Associates 10 years ago with the intent of providing clients with hands-on service and attention to detail. Today, FRED is executing marketing strategy, media buying, planning, and creative services for clients such as Avery Products, Allstate, Disney, Hallmark, Starz, and the U.S. Army. “Programmatic can be a great tactic,” Brady explained when asked about programmatic buying, “but it is certainly not a strategy.” She went on to...

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