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Chicago - September 16, 2014

Video marketing is fractured with clear lines of separation in most marketing organizations between TV and Digital. We have created the only industry forum that brings together leaders from both sides of the spectrum. The Videonomics Roundtable is a half-day event designed to engage marketers with in-depth discussions on the dynamics of video, media and marketing.

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Whitewater Ahead!

by Rick, from 4 days ago

One of my best friends in the media business is Doug Weaver, Founder of the Upstream Group and a metaphor-master. He can hardly get a point across without waxing metaphorically. His Oreo Doctrine from 2007 is the best case-in-point. I'm a complete knucklehead, compared to Doug, but the cry of "Whitewater ahead" is in my ears today after speaking with a few folks at major brands. The media stream is steepening and the water is running faster: it's whitewater ahead! Get your paddles up and tuck your feet into the straps, because we are about to hit the rapids and anything could happen. I've been interviewing marketers this week in preparation for the Videonomics Roundtable in Chicago on September 16 and they are all feeling the river rushing faster. Change is not new in the media world and you may argue that it is ever-present, but the pace of change is what we are...

Brands Going In House; Branded Content On The Rise

by Josh, from 2 weeks ago

Brand Watch Nielsen and Kraft Pilot New Brand Tracking Tool - While this tool seems like an important milestone on the road to complete ROI tracking of direct response spending, I keep thinking about the pressure it puts non addressable TV under to move towards digital measurement. It certainly could change my accountability expectations as a CMO. Walmart's New System Will Buy Media for Retailer - And Its Suppliers - Further evidence of major brands efforts to measure ROI can be seen in this move by the nation's largest retailer. They plan to apply their vast collection of 1st party, third party, and social data to their (and the brands they sell) media buys and loyalty programs. In theory this program will reduce both the big box and...

Who Cares What the Critics Think?

by Rick, from 4 weeks ago

YouTube celebrated the Cannes International Festival of Creativity by pointing out what really matters: people choosing to watch and share ads that they actually like. "If Cannes is the critics' choice, we like to think the Leaderboard is the fan's choice - based on their actual viewing and sharing behavior," says Tara Walpert Levy, Managing Director of Ads Marketing at Google. Ohhh...stick in eye! Google flipping the finger to the ad industry during their version of the Oscars. The top 10 YouTube ads garnered 620 million views and 924 million minutes watched. And, don't forget for a second that those views were by choice, not by interruption. Consumers actually sought out these ads to watch because someone may...

Brands: Dominating YouTube and Going Programmatic

by Josh, from 1 month ago

New Content Partnership I am happy to announce a new content partnership with OpenSlate. OpenSlate monitors and scores engagement on YouTube channels and will be making insights on marketing verticals available to Videonomics subscribers. For this first round of data we turn to autos. In the full report (no registration necessary) they review the top 500 brands on YouTube. Definitely worth a look. YouTube: Required Watching for Automotive Brands Brand Watch Mondelez (a $35 billion company) has announced they will spend 50% of their $200 million on digital by 2016. This increase will double their current 25% spend. Most interestingly, their focus will be on programmatic buying, specifically on online video. We'll be seeing announcements...

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